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Spiti Village Resort

Luxuriously Homely

Combination of exotic stay and nature’s love is redefined here in Spiti Village Resort with its extremely eco-friendly arrangements. Designed for invigorating guests with nature-closed treatment and utter comfort, this resort has raised the standard of eco-friendly stay. Overseeing the enchanting view of Himachal, this resort is beautifully built with mud rooms and fine Indian art.

It is just not a Mud-resort but offers the extreme comfort and luxury bind with nature’s love. Spread over a huge area in the Key Village near Spiti, this resort has truly defined the ancient art of luxury with its unique design. Merged with the true essence of regal aura and modern comfort, you will experience the best stay of lifetime in here.

Resort Overview

Situated in the lap of Himachal’s secluded nature-bound place near to the Key Monastery, we offer the ultimate stay with all pampering and wellness. Finely structured with ancient mud-based architecture, this resort is built with dry mud-stones without using any artificial material. The charm of old Indian home style has been retained with mud plastered walls and wooden ceilings. This nature resort represents the old tradition and local lifestyle in one comprehensive stay that you going to remember for the lifetime.

Interior of each room represents the theme very transparently with reflecting the old-style luxurious stays. Spread over a large area, this Mud Resort house 12 luxurious rooms furnished with one king-size mud-built bed, mud-built sofa, study area and fully furnished. Each room has its own personal lawn with wood-based sitting area representing the tradition of here.

The dining place, sitting area and outer plan truly complement the theme with mud and wood-based furniture and arrangements. Each and every small thing you find here will depict the ancient lifestyle with the local glimpse. Elegance has retained here with subtle interior charmed with old-style vessels and refreshments.

Reasons To Visit


Located in the remote town of Kaza, Himachal Pradesh, it represents close similarities with nearby Ladakh and Tibet region. Spiti village is part of Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh which is located at such a high altitude that most time of the year this place represents the snow-deserted view. This resort is very close to the Kaza Monastery or Key Monastery which adds the divine touch to its eco-friendly arrangements.

A stress-free holiday

In here, you will be welcomed for a stress-free holiday that no other hotels in Kaza Spiti valley can offer. The closeness to nature and less crowded arrangement in the valley of Spiti Village ensures a pleasure vacation time for you. This resort is exclusively designed for a comfortable stay away from the busy city life to relax your body & mind.

If you are looking for a calm, nature-close holiday in some Spiti valley hotels with your loved ones, then Spiti Village Resort is the perfect destination for you.

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